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This comprehensive single-author text provides balanced and thorough treatment of the most prominent issues of business ethics and the major positions and arguments on these issues. An abundance of cases facilitates both a case study approach and a combined lecture-discussion format. *NEW - Revised chapter on corporate social responsibility - Includes corporate governance and corporate ethics programs *NEW - Updated/expanded coverage - Includes updates on economic espionage and insider trading; an expanded chapter on privacy that covers consumers as well as employees; and foreign bribery added to the chapter on International Business Ethics *NEW - The Model Termination Act - Discussed in the chapter on unjust dismissal *NEW - 6 new cases - e.g., cases on Sears Auto Centers, discrimination at Texaco, and Shell Oil in Nigeria *Ethical theory as a basis for understanding ethical problems in business - Explains theory in easy-to-understand language and applies the theory explicitly to all issues *The legal perspective - Contains a substantial amount of background legal material *An integrated approach to business ethics - Considers the ethical, the economic, and the legal points of view *Numerous real-life examples and legal cases *The full range of business ethics issues, including some not often found in other texts -

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