Supporting Children with Communication Difficulties in Inclusive Settings

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في المخزن

This thoroughly updated text is written especially for future language interventionists and special education teachers who will work on collaborative teams in public settings. Supporting Children with Communication Difficulties in Inclusive Settings, Second Edition, teaches an innovative service delivery model where parents and professionals share expertise and responsibility for maximizing and supporting language and communicative competence in classrooms with wide ability and cultural, racial/ethnic, linguistic, and economic diversity. It provides step-by-step directions and hands-on activities to give students practice in applying the procedures. The writing is clear and does not assume that the student has had previous courses or knowledge in speech-language intervention. The content offers basic strategies to assess, plan for, teach, and evaluate language and communication.

تكلفة الشحن
موعد التسليم جاهز للشحن في 3-5 أيام عمل
موقع المتجر Cairo, مصر

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