The ethics of management

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ch. 1. The nature of ethics in management - Five moral problems encountered by members of one BBA class - Five moral problems encountered by members of one MBA class - Green giant's decision to move to Mexico - ch. 2. Managerial ethics and microeconomic theory - When is it permissible to tell a lie? - Financial compensation for the victims of Bhopal -- U.S. Chemical Company (disguised name) -- ch. 3. Managaerial ethics and the rule of law -- What is it permissible to break the law? - Susan Shapiro - Violence on television  "& ch. 4. Managerial ethics and normative philosophy  Conflict of duties in marketing - Sarah Goodwin   Wal-Mart stores in northern Michigan -- ch. 5. Managerial ethics and individual decisions  - Conflict of duties in accounting and finance - George Kacmarek   Hydro-Quebec and the great whale controversy -- ch. 6. Magagerial ethics and organizational design   Three companies in need of moral direction What do you do now?

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