the world economy resources ,location,trade,and development

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Appropriate for undergraduate courses in Economic Geography, International Trade, International Business, International Marketing, and International Development. Provides a sound theoretical and practical foundation for understanding the global economy in an era of shifting borders,    restructuring economies, and regional realignments. Providing the most thorough treatment of the world economy and economic geography   , available, the text covers population, natural resources, and international trade and development. It combines economic theory with geography in addressing    critical problems of growth, distribution, and development, and to explain their impact on international business. Recent geopolitical changes are     vividly portrayed in a series of superb full color maps and striking photographs. Uses real-world examples   to make abstract concepts

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موعد التسليم جاهز للشحن في 3-5 أيام عمل
موقع المتجر Cairo, مصر

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